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"Dependency" live video

From "KF" club Arad concert on friday, here's a bit of the last night's action...

A big thanx to our new friends in Arad and to our old friends from Timisoara who traveled 50 km to see the show. Cheers and see you again sometime in 2008!

06 - 07.11.2007

Live at "Roland Garros" | Cluj-Napoca, Romania

On thursday the 6th of december Persona goes live in "Roland Garros". It's the first ever appearance in Cluj-Napoca, so be sure to check it out. Persona confirms the second live appearence this winter in club "KF" in Arad. The after party will be hosted by Mr. H.

There are plans for a concert in Timisoara in the coming weeks, on a date yet to be cofirmed.


"Suburbia Afterlife" LP

Listen here "A Ride On Lovestreet" and "Momentary Lack Of Passion". Persona releases for promotional use only these two demos from the upcoming "Suburbia Afterlife" LP. The work in the studio continues...


Gaben live with "Neurotica" at "StufStock"

Gaben will join his former band "Neurotica" for a concert at "Stufstock" festival in Vama Veche / Romania. You can watch the performance live on TVR 2 saturday 16.08.2007, 02.00 hrs.


Guitar sessions

Gaben enters the studio.


Live at "Rock la Mures" | Periam Port, Romania

Persona will perform at this year's "Rock la Mures" festival, alongside Dog Eat Dog, Deathstars, Lluther and others.


Live in "Bunker" | Timisoara

Check out "Kitchen Song", "Welcome To Planet Earth", "Honney-Bunny Blues" and "Head On The Door" from this concert on our video section.


Vote Persona

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Floyd | Live with Haos

Floyd joins his former band Haos for a series of concerts in Austria (Wien) and Slovakia.


Live at "New Bounce" (Terasa Eminescu) | Timisoara

The playlist for this one will include some new songs like "Honney-Bunny Blues" and "Suburbia Afterlife".

Guest Joy on acoustic guitar and Horatiu F. on vocals. Opening acts : Ansamblul Moriovanic, Undone.

Photo & poster by Oli


Live at "The Note" | Timisoara, Romania

Opening for SURVOLAJ, at The Note, Timisoara.


Bass Session

Coco re-enters the studio. Recording bass tracks for "People On The Move" and "Head On The Door".


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